May 20, 2016

London baby, day 2 & 3

Day 2. Looking back, I cannot believe it's already been two weeks since we were there. Boy, time flies!

Anyway, we spent a lovely second day in London, by walking about 15 km again and discovering more treasures which this city has to offer. The day began with the awesome breakfast of course, but moving on to the visiting part, we started our journey just like the previous day, by walking on the right side of the Thames river but this time up to London Eye. Being a Saturday with 25-26 degrees C, you can only imagine how full of people it was. We waited in the queue for 30 (might have been 45) minutes to get on the London Eye, but eventually it was worth it. We got a 5* view above the city from there and it was actually very relaxing and enjoyable. After that we went on foot up to the Tower Bridge and we just made some short stops along the way and on the London Bridge, to catch our breath and take some photos. :) We then crossed the beautiful Tower Bridge to see the Tower of London, but we decided not to go inside since we were facing a very long queue again and we wanted to get to see the National History Museum as well.

In order to do that we had to take the subway for some stations up to South Kensington but about 30 minutes later we got to the museum and there..guess what!? We had to wait in the line at the entrance. :)) We were already quite tired but luckily this didn't last that long.
The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology,  minerology, paleontology and zoology. The museum is a world-renowned centre of research specialising in taxonomy, identification and conservation (Source: Wikipedia). Also, the entrance is free and I think they encourage the intake of knowledge by not having an entrance fee, which is great.

So anyway, we spent about two hours there just by making a quick tour and then we decided to search for a nice place to eat, preferably a terrace since the weather was so pretty. This took us way back, somewhere near Leicester Square, where you can find many terraces and restaurants and we actually found one somewhere at the back of the buildings where there were two small theaters and the restaurant was in between the two stage doors of the theaters. Well, the food was not extraordinary, I must admit, but the location was pretty cool - it reminded me of all those movies picturing the old streets of London, Sherlock Holmes style :).

Finally, we decided we couldn't leave London without going to a pub and luckily there was one close to the hotel so we didn't have to walk too much since our feet were in such pain :)). It was a looong day, but definitely a great one, full of memories. 

Blouse / Bluza - Primark
Jeans / Blugi - Zara
Blazer / Sacou - H&M
Sneakers / Sneakers - Converse

Day 3. We didn't do much this day since our flight back was at 2 p.m. and we had to get to Heathrow Airport, but on our way to the subway I saw that beautiful pink tree so I couldn't help it and I had to snap some photos. I love all the pastels in these pics and I think my blouse blends in perfectly. :)

I hope you enjoyed my story and I wish you all a lovely weekend ahead!

(funny leg situation :)) )

Blouse / Bluza - Zara
Pants / Pantaloni - Primark
Sneakers / Sneakers - Converse


  1. Wonderful looks! Have a great weekend dear!x

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Beautiful outfits and photos! Looks like so much fun!

    I'm so in love with that off the shoulder Zara top!

    The Cassie Paige
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  3. Amazing photos and nice post! Love this tops

    Adela Acanski

  4. Cute photos! Looks like you had a blast, love that pink on you and your hair!!!

    House of Illusions


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