Nov 19, 2015

bold & bright

How did I live so far without blanket scarves, I don't know. I keep asking myself this thing and I can't find the answer. Let me tell you a story. There are some clothing pieces or accessories which I like but I rarely find one to really love. Scarves are one example of these pieces and I like them but I was never so thrilled about wearing them because it's very hard to find a pattern that I truly love. So I try and try them on imagining how to style them and I end up leaving them in the store. I don't know why am I so pretentious when it comes to these accessories. Anyway, the same thing happened to me last year when I saw this blanket scarf at Zara. I tried it on and took a look in the mirror, I liked it but I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. Of course that afterwards I felt it love with it but it was too late because it was on Sale and I couldn't find it anymore. Sad story.

But the planets have aligned and I was lucky enough to find it now HERE, so without any second thoughts I ordered it. I must tell you that it became my favorite scarf! The colors are so bright and beautiful, but I love the combination with the gray hues so that it's not too much while wearing it. The fabric is super soft and it is so big you can easily wrap up with it. You can wear it as a normal scarf, as a loose poncho/cape (like I wore it) or you can wrap it up with a belt. Either way it will keep you unimaginably warm. You can find mine HERE, and it is on Flash Sale for the next 4 days, so hurry up! Also, I suggest you'd check the other scarves they have as well, because they come in many patterns and colors and they are essential for this season.


 Scarf // HERE
Sweater // Zara
Pants // Mango
Heels // Bershka


  1. I love your scarf! It looks so warm and comfy! :) xx

    1. Thank you! It really is, plus that it's super soft <3 xx

  2. Wow, we love those blue tones and those heels are amazing on you! We love it when fashion isn't afraid to be bold and you did a great job with your piece choices!

    ISA Professional

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :) xx

  3. You have good figure and your outfit is really good for autumn. :)

  4. Beautiful scarf and look :)


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