Oct 15, 2015

I scream ice cream

I promised you a new post today and I managed to keep my promise, so here it is. I've been pretty busy the past days which is why I didn't have time to post something new, don't worry I didn't forget about you or the blog.
On another matter, besides the fact that autumn is here since (exactly) the 1st of September, this week got so cold it feels like a real December. I already started wearing my coats, sweaters and boots and besides the yellow leaves nothing tells me it's not winter yet.

However, I took these photos on Sunday when it was still ok to wear a dress and a leather jacket. The dress I'm wearing today is also from CHOIES and what I love most about it is the color blocking. You will probably think "Ice cream print for autumn?" and I would say "Why not?!". I find it super cute and happy and the bold colors will definitely be something else among all the blacks, greys and browns we see everyday. Plus that it's a good way of remembering the pretty summer we had, summer which seems sooooooo far away. One more thing, the dress is made of a chiffon fabric, which you might say is a bit light for this weather, but this problem can also be solved with a little bit of layering. Not to mention that not everywhere on Earth is cold right now, maybe some of you reading this are living in a sunny and warm place! :D
This time I chose to pair it with black elements and I added the turban to give it some extra chicness ;) I hope you like it and now it's your turn to tell me how would you wear it.

You can find the dress HERE, on SALE!


Dress // HERE
Boots // Zara
Jacket // New Yorker
Clutch // C&A
Turban // Amazon.de


  1. That dress is so cute! The boots are also amazing. :)

  2. Vai, ce draguta este rochia, imi place la nebunie!!! :* :*

    1. Multumesc Adina, si mie imi place tare mult..e asa de vesela :D :*:*

  3. A delicious dress if I may say so! :D

    Love those boots! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  4. Great post!!!! I love your blog!!!!

  5. Really cute dress! I love your boots :) xx

  6. Is there anything cuter than your dress?!?! No!
    Love this!




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