Jun 9, 2015

Travel Diaries: Loire Valley (II)

I thought and then I thought some more whether I should show you more photos from France or not. And then I thought again and I finally decided to do it, because I think those places were absolutely beautiful and they are definitely worth seeing (live or virtually).Plus that I always show you photos from our vacations, it's like a tradition and I shouldn't break it, should I? :-)

So here I am with the second part of our trip on the Loire Valley, part in which I comprised two days (three and four). During the third day we visited Le Château d'Azay le Rideau, but I only chose two photos to show you (the first two) and none is with the castle because they were renovating its façade and it was full of scaffolding. The interior was however worth seeing and it was the perfect timing with the rain which started exactly when we got there and which stopped when we got out.
After this, we went to visit Le Château d'Ussé, and I have to tell you it was my second favorite castle from the ones we saw. The area, the gardens, the chapel, the stables and the castle itself, they all made me feel like being part of the fairytale. Of course, a large contribution was also brought by the mannequins from the castle's chambers, mannequins which were dressed according to the XVIIIth Century's Style and Fashion. What is important to be mentioned here is the fact that each year the Château d’Ussé has an exhibition of costumes from a different century. Pretty amazing, huh? Secondly, another significant fact is that the writer Charles Perrault spent some time at the castle and took it as inspiration for his tale of Sleeping Beauty.

The same day, in the afternoon we continued our journey to the city of Saumur, where we were supposed to spend the night. Once we got there we took a walk in the city and went to see the castle (only on the outside), which is situated on a hill and from there you get an amazing view over the Loire.

We started the fourth day with a visit to the Ackermann Wine Cellars, we found out how the sparkling wine is produced and we also got to taste some of their sparkling wines, after which we went to see an underground village, called "le village troglodytique de Rochemenier". The village lies in a flat landscape on top of the plain, not along a cliff or hillside. In order to build farmyards with cave houses surrounding the yard, the first thing necessary was to dug a huge pit, generally with a ramp for carriages on one side. The other sides, the steep ones, were used to dug chambers into the rock, which were then closed by stone walls (Source HERE), so basically the houses were build inside the rocks, if you can imagine that.

The last castle of the day was Le Château de Brissac, a beautiful castle with amazing gardens, but in my opinion it was a bit poorly presented. We ended the day in the next city we had on the list, Angers, but not before visiting the city center and having a delicious dinner. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and the stories! :)
Love, A


  1. Wow, this is my kind of trip too! I've never seen and been in a real castle so this one's in my bucket list! Great pictures :)

    Have a nice day!


    1. Thank you dear! It is definitely a place worth visiting :D

  2. Such beautiful photos!

    - Audrey

  3. Lovely places...I also like your outfit..you always look so perfect :*


  4. wow the place looks so pretty and I love historical attraction too :)

  5. I love seeing peoples holiday photos! Such lovely photos it looks like you had such a fun time! :) xx


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