Jun 30, 2015

insta colors

Hello babes,

It is the end of the first month of summer (already!!), so I thought of making something new here. Since not all of you have an Instagram account and since I don't share all my insta posts on Facebook, I thought that I could do a little recap of what I posted, at the end of each month. What do you think?

On another matter, I know I have been missing a lot from here lately, but I was in a weird mood and didn't feel like taking photos for a while (I guess it happens to us all from time to time). I hope however that this week I will go back on track with everything. Yes, I also know I said that before, but now I have all the good reasons to do it: gorgeous weather, my dear friend around, some new items in my wardrobe, so stay tuned.
 Now let's get started:
 refreshing yummies

sunny days in the city

my favorite fluffiness

details, details

summer activities

Love, A.


  1. Really pretty instagram photos! I can't believe how quickly the years gone! I'm looking forward to warm weather though :) xx

    1. Thank you dear!! Yes, the first half passed incredibly fast :-S

  2. Your instagram photographs are always so bright and positive, I always enjoy them all;)
    Keep in touch!

    1. Thank you dear, I'm glad you like them :-)

  3. Really nice instagram pictures :)


  4. I love your Ig pics. So fun!


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