Apr 4, 2015

Travel Diaries #2 : Chiang Mai

Hey dear ones,

I was supposed to continue the story some days ago but I had a very full past week and I didn't find the time. As I told you in the previous post, from Bangkok we flew to the northern part of Thailand, in Chiang Mai. We booked the tickets with Thai Airlines about a month and a half in advance, also online, and the prices were really good (I would say quite cheap for a flight). Unless you have a lot of time to spend on the road, I definitely recommend you doing this. By train or by car takes a lot longer. 

Anyway, one hour later we landed in Chiang Mai, where the temperatures were even higher than in Bangkok. We had about 38 degrees every day, but the humidity was lower than in Bangkok, so it was more bearable. The hotel was very nice and the staff was amazingly friendly and nice during our 5 days stay. We wanted to see the northern part of Thailand because it is a mountainous area, with many many temples, national parks, elephant camps, tiger camps, etc., therefore a lot to see and to do.

During our first day there, we visited most of the city's temples and I say most because there are around 30-40 temples, so you can imagine we couldn't see them all during one day and in such heat. However, I liked them all and I find them so peaceful and reassuring, definitely sending you good vibes all the time. In the afternoon we found a great restaurant where we had the best thai chicken soup with coconut milk and chilli and during the night we visited the Night Bazaar, a very colorful & full of life place, where you can buy pretty much everything at good prices, but remember: always bargain. 

The next day we visited the ruins of the ancient city which were discovered about 10 years ago and on our third day we made a trip to see one elephant camp and a snake farm. I really wanted to see such an elephant camp and I left with mixed feelings from there, but this is such a controversial subject that I'm not gonna discuss it here. However, the elephants are uber cute and your heart melts down when you see how smart they are and what are able to learn. I wanted to see the Tiger Kingdom as well, but unfortunaly we didn't have time anymore. 

Another trip we made was the one up to the highest peak in Thailand, Doi Inthanon mountain, where we walked a bit in the forest, saw other amazing temples and a big waterfall. Nevertheless, there are many many more things to see and trips you can choose to make in Chiang Mai area, you just need a lot of time for it.

Chiang Mai was my favorite part of our vacation because we saw so many beautiful, new things and we really felt welcomed. I'm usually more of a seaside person, but this place is definitely worth seeing!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter to the ones celebrating it tomorrow!
Love, A.

                                                           ...to be continued


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! My family have always thought of visiting Thailand before but always end up in other places. Now, I have all the guts to defend my cousins that Thailand is a must visit :)

    Happy Easter!


    1. Thailand is definitely a place worth seeing! I totally recommend it to you :) xox

  2. oh this place looks absolutely amazing!♥ lovely pictures!:) I hope I'll have the opportunity to visit Thailand some day!


    1. Thank you dear! If you get the chance to visit Thailand, don't hesitate it :)

  3. Amazing travel! U have so much cool adventure ^)

  4. Beautiful photos! It's great that you got to see so many amazing sights while there!

    House of Illusions

    1. Thank you dear! Yes, those two weeks were full, but it was worth it :)


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