Aug 27, 2013

Malta (part 1)

Annnddd, I'm finally back!

How are you kittens? I know it's been very long, but it was my birthday, then I got busy and haven't got any news outfits to post and then I left. And when I left, I was in no mood for any contact with the virtual world. I needed to completely disconnect myself and enjoy the sun, the place and everything that was new to me.

Therefore, this is not an outfit post, but as you probably imagined, is a vacation post. I told you some while ago here, that this summer we'll go to Malta, and so we did. It was a beautiful, relaxing holiday, the type of holiday where you take sunbaths and swim most of the day and then you go for a nice dinner at the restaurant, and during the night you have a cocktail at your favorite lounge bar on the sea shore. What more could you wish for?!

That was pretty much what we did, except that we chose different locations around the island to stay in the sun and to have a good swim in the Mediterranean Sea. We also visited two cities, the city of Mdina - a gorgeous medieval city, former capital of Malta, and Valletta - the actual capital city. We spent another day on a cruise going around Malta and to the other two islands Gozo and Comino, and in the beautiful Blue Lagoon with its turquoise water and rocky shores.

It was definitely something different, something which has enriched our traveling experience. There will be more posts regarding this holiday, and now I leave you with the pictures from the day we arrived and the next two days, taken at Saint Paul's Bay (where we stayed), Mellieha Bay (day 1) and Golden Bay (day 2). By the way, the beach from the Golden Bay was my favorite.

 Saint Paul's Bay

 Mellieha Bay

 One of my outfits while the sun sets over the Saint Paul's Bay...

 Golden Bay

I hope I was able to give you a first image of that lovely place.
Nighty night,
ღ Andy. be continued


  1. Boskie zdjęcia !! Perfect holidays ! :)

  2. Pretty!
    Love your hats!

  3. brautiful pics!

    i have also been twice to malta and i loved it there!

    maybe we could follow each other?

    please let me know, i would be very happy :)

    svetlana from Lavender Star

  4. Malta is a paradise on earth! very beautiful photo, I like it!

    Come to visit me =)

  5. Wonderful pictures <3
    You look great with the hat!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin? It would be great, just let me know :)

    Maria from

    1. Thank you! I followed you on both :)


  6. great pics, wonderful places :)

    do you want to follow each other? let me know :)

  7. Amazing Andy, gorgeous photos and you look so beautiful.
    Love these posts!:)

    1. Thank you Claudia! Sweet as always :) xox

  8. Hey :)
    Your blog is cool really - I like it. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it)))
    Best wishes, ​Mnogogrannosti ♥​


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