Jun 1, 2013

ruins or something like it

 My dears, I thought of telling you today some things about me which you most likely didn't know and like this you can get to know me better. I also saw this type of post on many different blogs and I find it quite interesting, useful, and why not? fun. :) So here are the fifteen random facts about me:

1. I love cats. I'm a hundred percent cat lover. I like dogs too, but I like the fact that cats are so independent, each has it's own personality, they can be a pain in the ass sometime, but they can also be unimaginably cute when they want. I have four fluffies at home.

2. I have a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.

3. I am hundred percent dependent on the weather. I hate rainy, cloudy days, and I struggle to get used to type of weather which is so common here.

4. I like wine. White, rose or red, sparkling or still, I think it's the best and the most classy alcoholic drink.

5. I used to hate cheese and generally all dairy products when I was little. I only drank milk with cocoa , but I never really liked it. Now, I only drink milk with coffee and I started to get used to some types of cheese and to actually like them.

6. I like spicy food and salads. Generally I like to try new types of flavors and foods, but I cannot eat lam, duck, goose and other weird animals. Gimme spicy food, as spicy as it gets! :)

7. I love summeeer and everything it implies: sun and warmth and getting tanned, colorful dresses, skirts, pretty blouses and shirts, neon colors and we shall not forget, sunglasses.

8. I always dreamed of having a tattoo (ah well, at least one), but i'm too scared of needles so I didn't get any until now.

9. When it comes to skirts, I love the maxi ones and the tutu skirts. 

10. I don't eat cakes and icecream (sweets generally) too often, but when I do they have to be colorful. You will never see me buying a chocolate-vanilla icecream, I think it's too boring. I have this thing from my dad :)

11. My natural hair color is dark blonde, but I had this color for so many years that I don't exactly remember my natural one :)). The only major change that I did with regard to my hair was in the ninth grade when I dyed it red. 

12. I love leather and lace, floral prints, studs and spikes. Maaany studs and spikes please!

13. I don't like instagram. I never used it and I don't see its purpose. You can take pictures by simply using your mobile's camera, you don't have to use instagram all the time, plus that I prefer uploading photos more rarely, but of a better quality. That's just my call :)

14. When I was little I had to sleep at least one hour every afternoon and I hated it with all my heart. Now, I would give anything to have time to sleep in the afternoon. I love to sleep.

15. My favorite TV series is Breaking Bad. Ever since I watched it I couldn't find something better, something to like more. 

Maybe you can also share some things about yourselves with me :)

 H&M blouse, shorts, bracelet and bag
Bershka shoes
Fossil watch
Ray Ban sunnies

One of my kitties say hello :) Thank you mum for the photos!

Have a nice weekend,
ღ Andy.


  1. nice to know more about you... we have a lot in common like no. 3,4,6,7,10,12,14...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    1. I'm glad to hear we have so much in common :) xx

  2. love your clutch!

    I love cats too!

    Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

    1. Thank you :) they sure are lovely creatures! :)


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